Technical and Business visits

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Adresse: Umeå

Sustainable Umeå has a lot to offer. To be able to share our expertise within environmental technology the municipal utility Kompetensspridning i Umeå AB was founded. The purpose is to export our knowledge of building sustainable cities.

Through the project Technical visits we share our experience and offer technical visits, education, trainee posts, feasibility studies and help you with purchase support. We offer 11 different technical visits programs, all with very interesting content.

Within the technical visits programs there are also opportunities for further deepening, for example regarding waste management. Here it is possible to look at landfill or recycling options. We also know that many visitors have specific requirements; therefore we can tailor a visit that suits you the best.

The technical Visits programmes cover following areas:
· Environmental awareness
· Waste management
· Energy
· Sustainable Construction
· Urban Planning
· Road Ecology
· Air Environment
· Sustainable Transports
· Water and wastewater treatment
· Sustainable companies
· Contaminated areas

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