Lake View Crafts

Address: Kvarnrödningen 140, 91591 Robertsfors Show map

Address: Kvarnrödningen 140, 91591 Robertsfors

Lake View Crafts is in a buitiful location beside Lake Tryssjön, 20 km from Robertsfors centre. Inside the red wooden buildning you will fins the Lake view shop, with items that the owners have handcrafted from wood and glass.

In the shop you will find a varity of items including glass window decorations, handkrafted pens and wooden jewellery.

Various handicrafts courses will take place during the summer, see website for more information.

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About this activity

  • Mobile phone
    +46 (0)76-1042350
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    +46 (0)76-1042350
  • Contact person name
    Deborah Collins
  • Opening hours
    2017: 3 June - 27 August, saturday - sunday, 11.00 - 17.00 OBS! Closed during Midsummer ( 24-25 June)
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