Winter fishing in Umeå

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Address: Umeå Umeå

Ice fishing - A most fascinating form of fishing is ice fishing in wintertime. A hole is bored preferably over a very shallow bottom or a shoal (shallow or sandbar).

Use a Mormyshka (fishing lure) with maggot and carefully quiver with the rod. At close quarters, you are able to follow as common whitefish and grayling swim past, just under the ice! It is also possible to ice fish for perch which as a rule are found in creeks, sounds and bays.

The ice shelf affect the possibility of winter fishing Swedish lures (pimples) - When pimpling you can stand or sit down on a chair pack/stool out on the ice. The advantage of sitting is that you feel the bite that bit earlier. The pimpling techniques and lures are many but a good rule to follow is to first let down the pirk to the bottom and then wind it up a little. Vary between jerking the rod and holding the lure still. You can go pimpling both on the sea ice and the lakes but even in certain watercourses e.g. the River Sävarån where you have the chance of hooking large burbot. Well-known ice fishing venues on the sea ice are Långron and Avafjärden where large groups of pimplers meet during March–April. The ice shelf affect the possibility of winter fishing.

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