Island day

Päivämäärä: Keskiviikko 1 maalis 2017 - tiistai 31 loka 2017 Näytä kartta

Treat yourself to a glorious day out on beautiful Norrbyskär. There is something for everyone here! The day includes: a guided tour aboard a tourist train; entry to the museum and the Lilla Norrbyskär play park; and, a wonderful summer buffet.

You yourself decide how long you want to stay on the island. Depending on season, the guided tours are given at different times. Simply choose the time that suits you best. The summer buffet is served between 11.30 and 14.30.

During the summer, the Norrbyskär ferry operates a regular service every day. The crossing between Norrbyn and Norrbyskär takes around 15 minutes. Ferry tickets are not included in the price. The return ferry prices are adults SEK 60 and children (ages 6 - 15) SEK 35. Pay in cash on the ferry.

Company: Norrbyskär museum. +46 (0)930 241 00

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