Ateljé Kopparhatten

Osoite: Sveagatan 7, 903 27 Umeå Näytä kartta

Osoite: Sveagatan 7, 903 27 Umeå

Atelier Kopparhatten has been around since 1966. Kopparhatten invests in quality and durability. A hat of good quality will last for many years and also save the earth's resources.

The owner designs and manufactures self-hats and caps as everyone becomes special. Here you will also find many famous brands such as: Stetson, Wigens, CTH, Salon, La Maison Afrique (fair trade), HPI, Seeberger, Own production and Others.

No hat or cap will be exactly alike. The focus is classic and timeless products in good quality produced under good conditions at any stage. If you are unable to visit the store it is fine to order hats or caps over the phone. The store takes orders from all over Sweden.

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