Horse riding (trekking) on Iceland horses

Osoite: Nilsland 25, 91191 Vännäs Päivämäärä: Sunnuntai 1 huhti 2018 - maanantai 30 syys 2019 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Nilsland 25, 91191 Vännäs

Sunnadalen’s Iceland Horses offers horse riding (trekking) all the year round for small groups of 2-3 people who have experience of trekking.

Rides can be tailor-made to suit individual requests for those who have not ridden an Iceland horse before.

There are many fine bridleways to choose from during the summer months. In winter, we ride on a nearby road which takes us to the Långtjärn lake where fishing is possible.

We also give private lessons and run ”give-it-a-try” sessions.

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