Rent cross-country skiing equipment at First Camp

Osoite: Nydalasjön 2, 90652 Umeå Päivämäärä: Perjantai 15 joulu 2017 - maanantai 15 huhti 2019 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Nydalasjön 2, 90652 Umeå

Go cross-contry skiing in Umeå. First Camp Umeå have many pairs of skis for rent. All rental equipment must be booked in advance via the reception. The prices are for the rental of full skiing equipment (skis, boots and poles). Prices subject to change.

There is a wide choice of well-prepared ski trails throughout the Umeå region. Centrally located in Umeå, the artificial snow trail at Nydalasjön considerably lengthens the skiing season. Gammliaskogen offers our popular Swedish championship trail.

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