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Osoite: Vegagatan 1, 91131 Vännäs Päivämäärä: Keskiviikko 6 heinä 2016 - maanantai 31 joulu 2018 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Vegagatan 1, 91131 Vännäs

When you come to Hotel Vännäs you can count on personalized service in a cozy environment. It is only 30 km from Umeå. The hotel is steps away from the bus and train station, so getting here collectively is no problem. All conference and meeting rooms are equipped with wireless Internet, free access. Projector, sound system, white board and flip chart available in our 2 conference rooms.

Looking for DVD, CD or TV, just let us now when you book, and it is free as long as you book in advance.
You always get a personal service and the meeting room have Everything you need. Here you may find pens, pencils, writing pads, extension cords, stapler, etc. There is also a table with water, carbonated water, fruit and sweets that are included when you have a meeting or conference at Hotel Vännäs. Downstairs in the lobby there is a computer with a printer that you can borrow.
Are you planning a conference with food and accommodation? Then you've come to the right place. With our 23 hotel rooms there are plenty of beds for overnight conference guests.
And in our restaurant you can enjoy a menu of locally produced raw food from, among others Gullsjö, Selet, Ammarnas & Lulea. Check out our á la carte menu or call for menu suggestions. Obviously we will help you compose your own menu if you fancy something special.

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