Horse and sleigh through a wintry wilderness

Osoite: Blåkullevägen 4, 922 95 Granö Päivämäärä: Perjantai 15 joulu 2017 - sunnuntai 15 huhti 2018 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Blåkullevägen 4, 922 95 Granö

First, you are wrapped cosily in reindeer pelts and sheepskins. The sleigh trip then begins with the mildest of jolts. Gently, we glide through the snow-clad landscape.

Stopping at an old hay barn, we take a traveller’s snack and a warming drink. The guide tells us about the importance of horses for the farmers who used to live in Sápmi (the lands inhabited by the Sámi people). After the sleigh ride, we pop into the stables for another warming drink. There, we listen to old stories while the horses peacefully eat their hay. The sleigh ride takes around 2 hours. Depending on the lighting and weather conditions, the tour begins after consultation with Granö Beckasin.

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