Tjarn Recreation

Osoite: Hyngelsböle, 914 33 Nordmaling Päivämäärä: Sunnuntai 1 tammi 2017 - sunnuntai 31 joulu 2017 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Hyngelsböle, 914 33 Nordmaling

Welcome to Tjarn

Besides a unique and atmospheric accommodation Tjarn offers during spring, summer and autumn activities such as boat and raft trips, hikes, fishing, music and narrative arrangements, crafts such as woodworking or clay modeling. Tjarn in winter is an experience with natural contrasts between light and dark, cold and heat. It reveal, for example, the very special feeling of the ski tip rustling in the pristine fresh snow, coffee fire's warmth, the splendor of colors in the winter sky, the silence and grandeur of the area. A meeting point in time. Nominated for the Tourism Award 2007 and the Nordic region's most inspiring meeting environment 2007. On Tjarn is life tailored for those who have a few things to ponder. For your minds we focus on the importance of aesthetics, escapism, entertainment, learning and care.

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    +46 070 - 582 82 51
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    +46 070 - 582 82 51
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    Bengt-Erik Hesse


  • Näkymä
    Olofsfors Bruk 7 km
    Norrbyskär 28 km
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    Umeå Airport 53 km