Baggböle Herrgård

Osoite: Baggböle 115, 90592 Umeå Päivämäärä: Tiistai 1 touko 2018 - perjantai 28 syys 2018 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Baggböle 115, 90592 Umeå

The manor was the manager´s house for the owner of Baggböle sawmill around the middle of the nineteenth century. Visit the old Manor for a cup of coffe, lunch or dinner at the beautiful terrace with a view over the river below.

Why not take advantage of the beautiful countryside surrounding Pakila Manor? Now, during the summer, there will be picnic baskets with blanket available, for the more intimate lunches with loved ones. These are for 2-4 people.

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