Osoite: Umeå Päivämäärä: Lauantai 20 heinä 2019 - torstai 31 joulu 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Umeå

Powered pod-taxi on the bike lanes. Take a ride from the airport/train station or to various attractions. Book an hour in order to go wherever you would like.

Go directly to the museum, restaurant, job meeting or the airport. Why not bring your daughter, buisiness collegue or partner on a tour along the river and Ön, or book a whole hour in order to go wherever you would like.
Why not combine an unique transportation experience with improving our environment? You will leave all the noise and pollution behind and go along bikepaths when you choose any of our tours. - Experience Umea from a new perspective!

The Zbee is a moped on three wheels and travels mainly on bikepaths. It has space for 2 passengers and runs on 100% renewable local electricity.

Examples of tours:
Ride by the river for two - See Umea from a new angle and take a scenic ride mostly along the Ume river (approximately 30 min).
Ride in the light of the "midnight sun" - This unique ride goes mostly along the river, takes about 45 min and includes a scenic break with hot tea. Includes a pick-up at 11.30 pm at your hotel or other central location upon agreement. Available 1 June - 15 July.
Transport to the place of your chice . Try the Zbee for going across the town of Umea. Book a day in advance or catch it when the green lights are shining and jump in.

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