Outdoor equipment for rent at Sarek

Osoite: Petrus Laestadius väg 15, 90703 Umeå Päivämäärä: Maanantai 13 touko 2019 - torstai 31 joulu 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Petrus Laestadius väg 15, 90703 Umeå

Sarek rental store – outdoor equipment for the experience of your life time or a barbecue at the Nydala lake. Among what is offered are skiis for cross country/ telemark skiing/ randonée, touring ice skates, shoes for mountaineering and trekking, transceivers for avalanche safety, tents, sleeping bags, gas stoves, snow shoes, climbing equipment,and even more.

Come by and discover the rich assortment of useful stuff for rent to affordable prices. Also take the chance to find out more about the trips arranged by IKSU frilufts and maybe get some ideas on what great outdoor spots there are to discover in the area around Umeå.

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