Osoite: Solviksvägen 10, 92291 Vindeln Päivämäärä: Maanantai 13 touko 2019 - torstai 31 joulu 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Solviksvägen 10, 92291 Vindeln

The almost 500 km long Vindelälven is one of Sweden´s four unregulated rivers and is considered one of the world´s best Waters for White water rafting. The spring flood is often very spectacular and the water flow is normally at its greatest in June.

In the Umeå region you can best experience the grandeur of the Vindelälven river in one of the nature reserves in the Municipality of Vindeln. At the Lapland boarder, a 45-minute drive from Vindeln, is the Mårdseleforsen Nature Reserve. Here you can enjoy the riverside scenery, where the ancient forest grows all the way down to the water´s edge, and the flat rocks show traces of the ice age.

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