Learn to drive a dog team

Päivämäärä: Lauantai 20 heinä 2019 - torstai 31 loka 2019 Näytä kartta
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  • Näkymä
    Ratan 23 km
Suunnat kohti: E4 north from Umeå or south from Skellefteå. Turn in Sikeå of the Roberts-. Drive straight through Robertsfors and continue 10 km so you have Hedlunda husky on the right side of the village Överklinten! Red long house with surrounding barn buildings, about 75 meters to the right of the road! (When you pass the sign Överklinten have you been driving about 50 m long? We are thus about 1.5 km before / east of the village Överklinten!