Lookout tower at Selsknösen

Osoite: Selsknösens utsiktstorn, Selet 58 911 92 Vännäs Päivämäärä: Lauantai 20 heinä 2019 - tiistai 31 joulu 2019 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Selsknösens utsiktstorn, Selet 58 911 92 Vännäs

Challenge yourself both in terms of endurance and possible fear of heights! Visit the lookout tower at Selsknösen.

After a challenging hike of 1.2 km you reach a fantastic vantage point. On top of the mountain there is a cabin where it is possible to make a fire in the fireplace and eat your own picnic. Take the opportunity to write a line in the guestbook found in the cottage. Wintertime you can reach the mountain via snowmobile trails.

The lookout tower on the mountain Selsknösen offers a breathtaking view that stretches over 50 kilometers in clear weather. The tower is 15 meters high.

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