Bjurholm Golf Course

Osoite: Mariebäck 3, 91693 bjurholm Päivämäärä: Maanantai 13 touko 2019 - maanantai 6 tammi 2020 Näytä kartta

Osoite: Mariebäck 3, 91693 bjurholm

Enjoy a great day at one of Sweden's most beautiful golf courses! A round at Bjurholms Golf Course means a perfect combination of exciting golf and fantastic scenery.

Bjurholm’s popular golf course is a natural paradise for golfers. It offers it’s visitors an unforgettable tour through a beautiful and hilly landscape, reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands.

It is not compulsory to be a member of any club to play golf in Bjurholm as the course is available for Pay & Play. However, anyone who wants to play need to have a Green Card. Get your Green Card by attending one of the courses organized by the club each summer. There are also lessons at a higher level for more experienced players who want to improve their golf skills.

The golf course in Mariebäck is also a popular destination for those who want to have lunch or dinner in a peaceful environment. The restaurant at the clubhouse serves home-cooked meals and snacks throughout the summer.

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Torstai 20 kesä 2019 Bjurholms Golfklubb
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    +46 93210756
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    23 may - september 2013 Greenfee include a whole day (and night) of golf at the golf course. It is free of charge for persons up to 16 years of age. Book your tee time on the telephone, on-site or via the homepage on Internet. Golf cars are booked separately.
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    Senior 22- år 350 Junior 17-21 år 250 Junior 0-16 år 0 Pay&Play 22- år 450 Pay&Play 0-21 år 250
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