The Lögdeälven River Wilderness Trail

Osoite: 914 92 Lögdeå Päivämäärä: Maanantai 13 touko 2019 - maanantai 30 syys 2019 Näytä kartta

Osoite: 914 92 Lögdeå

A lovely, well-beaten trail stretching 80 kilometres along the Lögdeälven River, from the sea in Nordmaling up to Bjurholm.

The river is known for its ravines, meandering curves and terraces. Drakryggen – the Dragon’s Back – is the highest of the sandy banks. About 300 metres north of the Storforskojan cabin is a long wooden stair called Himlastegen (the Ladder to Heaven) that takes you to the top of its very sharp ridge, which the trail then follows. It really does look like a dragon’s back! The countryside along the Lögdeälven River valley offers all sorts of opportunities to observe birds and plants. Some of the best salmon waters in Norrland are found here, and you have a good chance of seeing beavers. There are also suspension bridges, stairs built into the natural terrain, wooden footbridges and prepared rest areas all along the trail. Wind shelters and cabins along the trail are available for hikers. Most cabins have wood stoves and room for four people.

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