Go hiking on Isälvsleden

Päivämäärä: Maanantai 13 touko 2019 - keskiviikko 30 syys 2020 Näytä kartta

An approximately 60 km long hiking trail between Vindeln and Åmsele in beautiful, easy-going terrain. Formed by the receding Ice Age glaciers, the trail passes through a unique area that bears witness to the power of the ice masses, passing five nature reserves and one conservation area.

The waterfall at Lake Ristjärn forms a miniature landscape with active mud volcanoes. Missutjärn is one of the most beautiful small lakes, surrounded by an old-growth pine forest straight out of a fairy tale. One of Sweden’s largest sand dunes is Juvikkammen on the edge of the Aborrträsk swamp, where you can also do some excellent fishing. Cabins for spending the night and grill areas are located along the trail. The trail passes many waters that offer excellent opportunities for fishing.

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