Lace up your snowshoes!

Osoite: Granö Beckasin, 922 95 Granö Päivämäärä: Sunnuntai 15 joulu 2019 - torstai 15 huhti 2021

Osoite: Granö Beckasin, 922 95 Granö

At Granö Beckasin, we put on our snowshoes for a voyage of discovery across the ice of the Umeälven river and into the pine forests. What is hidden under the snow and how did people live here before?

Come on a guided snowshoe trip! A different and amazingly easy way of getting around in unprepared winter terrain. The trip takes around 2 hours.
Starts at: Granö, Vindeln
Minimum: 2 person
Granö Beckasin

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