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2 Oct 2014 - 9 May 2015
Arena/Place: Umåker Category: Other
The Umåker trotting track offers the ultimate experience of sport, betting and excitement in various forms and attracts many trotting enthusiasts to its races throughout the year.
Trotting at Umåker

2 Oct 2014 - 17 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Galleri Andersson Sandström Category: Exhibitions
11/9 – 17/10 2014: ”Red, Yellow and Blue”. A groupe exhibition with Cris Gianakos, Peter Hahne, Sean Scully. The group exhibition Red, Yellow and Blue features three important artists in abstract expressionism and minimalism. The approach to the...
Exibitions at Gallery Andersson/Sandström

2 Oct 2014 - 18 Dec 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå Folkets Hus Category: Concerts
The society "Jazz in Umeå", which manages "Jazz in the studio" on Thursday evenings, believe, like the many visitors and musicians that the jazz club has the best possible environment and location. In the small alley between the main library and F...
Jazz in the Studio

2 Oct 2014 - 12 Dec 2014
Arena/Place: Ersboda Folkets Hus Category: Dances
Dance at famous dance bands at Ersboda Folkets hus.
Dance at Ersboda folkets hus

2 Oct 2014 - 21 Dec 2014
Arena/Place: Västerbottens museum Category: Exhibitions
Everyone who wants to learn more about life in Västerbotten and its history should visit Västerbottens museum.
Västerbottens museum

3 Oct 2014 - 19 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå center Category: Exhibitions
Survival Kit is an art festival about survival on many levels, both globally and locally. It showcases the works of some 30 artists from Sweden and the rest of the world. Survival Kit was conceived in Riga in 2009. Since 2012 it has generated an a...
Survival Kit Festival

4 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå Folkets Hus Category: Stand-up
Johan Rheborg is one of the country's most popular comedians, and in 2014 he is setting out on his first major solo tour. In standup show "Rheborg" he will give a humorous and self-revealing glimpse into his life., He is gonna talk about what led ...
Rheborg - En standupföreställning

4 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Category: Guided tours
A bit further north of Umeå the river Sävarån is floating through the woods and the villages. Here the locals have spent many hours preparing places for leisure and recreation. There are small cabins available for hanging out, having BBQ or simply...
Guided tours to Sävarån

4 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå center Category: Markets
Welcome! Enjoy the fantastic supply of local delicacies! Here you can buy vegetable, cheese, honey, bread, mushroom and a whole lot more. Welcome to Vänortsparken! The Farmers own market is arranged by Hushållningssällskapet together with the prod...
Farmers market

4 Oct 2014 - 5 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå city church Category: Opera
The Danish composer Peter Bruun penned the new church opera Hjärtats nycklar (Keys to the heart) based on Västerbotten author Martin Lönnebo’s book of the same name. The opera will be performed in four counties by Piteå Kammaropera, with its premi...
The Keys to the Heart

4 Oct 2014 - 6 Dec 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå Folkets Hus Category: Concerts
Every Saturday a large and loyal crowd gather in Umeå's own special jazz club for swing lovers. Come and experience jazz as it were during its glory days, here is Duke Ellington in the rate. The door opens at 11.30.
Swingcafé at Umeå Folkets hus

4 Oct 2014 - 15 Nov 2014
Arena/Place: Hamnmagasinet Category: Children
The culture centre will be filled with cultural activities such as dance, book reading, theatre and much more.
Creative Saturday

4 Oct 2014 - 31 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Bildmuseet Category: Children
Creative workshops for all ages, supervised by art educators. Drop-in Saturdays and Sundays.
Creative workshops

4 Oct 2014 - 13 Dec 2014
Arena/Place: Restaurang Peppes Category: Concerts
Peppes loves live music! Every weekend a good live band or a troubadour will be playing. The music will mostly be Blues and Rock & Roll. For the full program see the website.
Livemusic at restaurant Peppes

5 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Bildmuseet Category: Exhibitions
Intendent Lisa Lundström gives a guided tour of the exhibition Right is Wrong / Four Decades of Chinese Art from the M + Sigg Collection.
Guided Tour: Right is Wrong

5 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: NorrlandsOperan Category: Dances
In Scarabé, we encounter a strange universe with spidercaves, Japanese music and an agility and strength you did not know existed. Virpi Pahkinen the dancer meets Frederick Quinones whose solos intertwined into each other, reflects and form duets.

5 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Ögonblicksteatern Category: Children
At the birds house they are dancing. Are they having a party? The Rabbits mother keeps nagging about what Rabbit and Teddy aren´t supposed to do. And at Teddy Pig they are dread to knock on the door..
Who is where? (Vem är var?)

5 Oct 2014 - 7 Dec 2014
Arena/Place: Västerbottens museum Category: Children
Creative workshop for children +6 years, along with parents. Crafts in different materials and techniques - both traditional and modern. Free of charge. Sundays at 12-16, there are staff on site.

7 Oct 2014 - 11 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Umeå center Category: Talks/lectures
Umeå Fashion Week is an arena in which designers, contractors, stores, retail, hospitality and activity organizers build relationships and create business opportunities.
Umeå Fashion Week

9 Oct 2014 - 12 Oct 2014
Arena/Place: Show on 6 arenas/places Category: Festivals
Cross-border music, innovation and development are the focus during the three-day-long Chamber Music Festival in september 2014. Artistic director is Svante Henrysson, internationally renowned cellist, double bass player and rock musician who grew...
Chamber Music Festival